Department of Non-Commercial Clinical Research

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Department of Non-Commercial Clinical Research (DNCCR) was established as the Section of the Office for Clinical Affairs subordinate to the Vice-Rector for Clinical Affairs at the beginning of 2019, and its initially small team was led by Magdalena Leszczyńska-Wiloch, Pharm. D. and Piotr Kraszewski, M.A. for two years.

The main task of the Department is comprehensive administrative and logistical support for non-commercial clinical trials conducted by the MUG. The unit also offers administrative and substantive support for research teams preparing projects of non-commercial clinical trials (including consultations on the planned budget, biostatistics consultations and study feasibility assessment).

The specific tasks of DNCCR include, among others:

  • support for project managers of non-commercial clinical trials,
  • cooperation with the CRO,
  • records and storage of project documentation,
  • biostatistical support for research planning and development of protocols,
  • management of medicinal products in research,
  • controlling the process of opening the centers participating in the study,
  • recording and reporting of adverse effects,
  • keeping financial and accounting records of non-commercial clinical trials,
  • assistance in the valuation of procedures related to the implementation of the audit.

Within the Department the Clinical Research Implementation Unit, the Finance and Accounting Unit and the Academic CRO Unit are functioning.

Team of the Department of Non-Commercial Clinical Research consists of:

  • Ewa Schmidt, M.A.
  • Marta Bednarek, Ph.D.
  • Magdalena Jaskólska, M. Pharm.
  • Paulina Kukawka, M.A.
  • Hanna Małyszczyk, M.A.
  • Patrycja Kondej-Welzman, M.A.
  • Anna Pirska-Żochowska, M. Eng.
  • Monika Puchowska, M.A.
  • Damian Świeczkowski, Ph.D.
  • Adam Wyszomirski, M. Eng.

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Phone: (58) 349 18 85 i (58) 349 10 56