Department of Academic CRO

StartDepartment of Academic CRO

In the Department’s range of activities are:

  • analysis/validation of clinical research protocols,
  • preparation of documentation necessary to obtain consents to conduct the study (Bioethics Commission, URPL, EV),
  • conducting audits and verification of potential partners and research units,
  • monitoring of non-commercial research in units,
  • maintenance of documentation: creating (TMF), SOP, test-specific instructions,
  • negotiating contracts with units, also in cooperation with the Clinical Research Implementation Unit,
  • pharmacovigilance: keeping a register of adverse reactions and reporting them to Bioethics Commission and EUDRAVIGILANCE base, as well as preparing annual reports regarding patients’ safety,
  • quality management in research units (compliance with legal acts, procedures of the MUG, and GCP).

Team of the Department of Academic CRO consists of:
  • Damian Świeczkowski, Ph.D., MBA
  • Magdalena Jaskólska, M. Pharm.
  • Anna Koelmer, M.A.
  • Patrycja Kondej-Welzman, M.A.
  • Anna Pirska-Żochowska, M. Eng.
  • Joanna Porzezińska, M.A.
  • Aleksandra Szłapka, M.A.
  • Adam Wyszomirski, M. Eng.
  • Kamila Zając, M. Pharm.


Damian Świeczkowski, Ph. D., MBA


Telefon kontaktowy: 58 349 27 74