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The call for proposals in the next contest of the Medical Research Agency for non-commercial clinical trials is underway (contest ABM/2022/1). The aim of the contest is to develop new therapeutic and diagnostic procedures in various areas of medicine with a premium on oncological diseases, childhood diseases (including infancy, neonatal and prenatal periods), old age diseases, infectious diseases and their complications, e.g. in the form of post-covid syndrome, and immune-related diseases.

Projects submitted as part of the Contest must have the status of non-commercial clinical trials concerning the assessment of the effects of a medicinal product. It is possible to finance clinical trials the subject of which is the development of new diagnostic schemes, provided that these schemes will be developed as part of a clinical trial of a medicinal product. As a novelty in MRA’s projects, there is a requirement to bank biological material in order to use it later for scientific, diagnostic and epidemiological purposes. Moreover, the requirement to attach a draft clinical trial protocol to the Application was introduced.

The contest will be held in two rounds:
round I till 17th of March 2022
round II till 17th of May 2022

More information about contest is available at Polish-language MRA’s website.