Clinical Research Support Centre (CRSC)

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The Clinical Research Support Centre MUG (CRSC) is an interdepartmental university unit, subordinate to the Rector of the MUG, which task is to comprehensively support clinical trials conducted by the University. CRSC coordinates, supports and handles the implementation of non-commercial academic research, as well as the projects funded from a competition grants of the Medical Research Agency and other institutions financing the non-commercial clinical trials. Ultimately, the CRSC will also support and coordinate commercial clinical research donducted by the University’s partners.

The CRSC consolidates activities aiming to create ways improving the quality of clinical research and increase the new therapies and treatment schemes’ availability to the patients. Within the Centre, the Academic CRO was created to handle non-commercial academic research conducthed by the MUG, an ultimately also to cooperate with other entities acting as sponsors in non-commercial and commercial clinical trials.

The Centre takes part in enterprises integrating University’s scientific and clinical activity, participating in activities aimed at improving the quality of clinical projects carried out by the MUG employees. The CRSC is a unit supporting all scientific initiatives in the form of clinical trials, including those implemented with national and international partners. The Centre’s Director is Prof. Piotr Widłak.

CWBK-GUMed is a part of the Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Support Center MUG-UCC-UDC (MCRS), co-created by the partner units of the University Clinical Center and the University Dental Center GUMed. The MCRS’s General Director is Prof. Marcin Gruchała, Rector of MUG.


Creation of the MUG’s CRSC is connected with programme of the Medical Research Agency, which aim is to create in Poland the Clinical Research Support Centres’ Network. It will enable the introduction of a uniform standard of research implementation, high quality of patient service and increasing in the number of commercial and non-commercial clinical trials. This will make it possible to raise the quality standards of clinical research, following the standards and structures existing in other European countries, in the Polish clinical centres participating in the Program. The centres will become flagship health care institutions conducting research of the highest standard and with concern for the safety of research participants.

The Medical University of Gdańsk, in partnership with the University Clinical Centre (UCC) and the University Dentistry Centre (UDC), is benefitient of the first MRA’s contest within the Clinical Research Support Centres programme (together with 9 other academic centres anf medical research institutions). Project Multidyscyplinarne Centrum Wsparcia Badań Klinicznych (MCWBK) (Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Support Centre (MCRSC)) got over 10 millions PLN of funding from the Medical Research Agency, that will allow creation of necessary infrastructure and development of the Centre’s staff. The MCRSC project will be implemented between 2021 and 2026.

Ultimately, the functioning of the CRSC in the structures of the MUG and the multidisciplinary clinical hospital UCC will a unique on a European scale centre, conducting research on new therapeutic strategies and diagnostic methods. One of the main objectives of the activities carried out by the CRSC in cooperation with the Early Clinical Trials Unit and the newly emerging clinical research centre in the field of cardiology will be the development of modern, previously unused surgical and pharmacological therapies. Establishing the CRSC will also contribute to increasing the competences of research teams and, consequently, improving the qualifications of academic employees and doctoral students. As part of the CRSC, the Team for the development of commercial, non-commercial and scientific clinical researches will be established, which already at the stage of creating a scientific concept, will support the researchers in planning and implementing clinical trials and medical experiments. The activities the CRSC will therefore support the activities of the MUG as a research university.