The Clinical Research Support Center (CRSC)

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More than PLN 10 million in funding from the Medical Research Agency will be given to the Medical University of Gdańsk for the Multidisciplinary Clinical Support Center in partnership with the University Clinical Centre (UCC) and the University Dentistry Centre. It will be one of ten units in the country that will allow for better coordination of clinical trials in Poland. As part of the competition for the creation and development of Clinical Research Support Centers, the Agency received 30 applications for a total amount of over PLN 300 million.

Apart from the MUG, among the beneficiaries there are nine centers: Medical University of Lodz, Medical University of Bialystok, Poznan University of Medical Science, Military Institute of Medicine, Maria Sklodowska-Curie Institute – Oncology Centre (MSCI), branch in Gliwice, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski Institute of Cardiology, The Children’s Memorial Health Institute, Wroclaw Medical University and the National Geriatrics, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Institute.

- I am very glad that the Medical University of Gdańsk was among the 10 beneficiaries selected in the competition. This is another success of our University in acquiring projects from the Medical Research Agency. I am convinced that providing comprehensive and systemic support for the implementation of research will translate into an increase in the number of commercial and non-commercial research, which is particularly important for our patients and the development of research at our University – says Prof. Edyta Szurowska, M.D., Ph.D., Vice-Rector for Clinical Affairs of the MUG. – I would like to thank Magdalena Leszczyńska-Wiloch, Pharm. D. acting Head of Office for Clinical Affairs and Piotr Kraszewski, M.A. from the Department of Non-Commercial Clinical Research and Dr. Blanka Seklecka, Ph.D. from the Early Phase Clinical Research Center, Univeristy Clinical Center for preparing this project.

The CRSC network aims to ensure a joint standard of research implementation, high quality of patient service and increase the number of commercial and non-commercial clinical trials. The establishment of the network will allow the creation of standardized centers similar to the structures existing in Western Europe. They will become flagship healthcare institutions conducting research of the highest standard, with care for the safety of research participants. As a result, clinical trials in Poland will be conducted in a hospital-friendly and patient-friendly environment. The first investments in the beneficiary nstitutions are planned for this year.

The objectives of establishing the CRSC in years 2021-2026 are to consolidate activities aimed at developing a path increasing the quality of clinical trials and increasing the availability of patients to new therapies and treatment regimens. The CRSC will be a place intended for the implementation of non-commercial and commercial research, but also research projects, financed by means of a competition granted by the Medical Research Agencies, national and foreign institutions. Within the Center, an Academic CRO will be established, whose primary task will be to support academic research, but also to cooperate with entrepreneurs who may act as sponsors of commercial research. The CRSC will be an open entity, able to meet the needs of supporting scientific initiatives organized in the form of clinical research in the region and in the international arena.

The planned CRSC within the structures of the MUG and the University Clinical Center multidisciplinary clinical hospital will be a unique center on a European scale conducting research on optimization of diagnostics and therapeutic strategies. One of the main goals of MCWBK’s activities in cooperation with the Early Phase Clinical Research Center and the emerging clinical research center in the field of cardiology will be the development of modern, previously unused treatments, both surgical and pharmacological.

One of the main objective of CRSC’s activities in cooperation with the Early Clinical Trials Unit and the emerging clinical research center in the field of cardiology will be the development of modern, previously unused treatments, both surgical and pharmacological.

Use of investments for scientific purposes

The establishment of the CRSC will contribute to increasing the competences of research teams and consequently, improving the qualifications of researchers, scientists and doctoral students. As part of the CRSC, a team for the development of commercial, non-commercial and scientific clinical researches will be established, which already at the stage of creating a scientific concept, will direct the academic community to the requirements for planning and implementing clinical trials and medical experiments. This team will bring together experts with extensive experience in conducting research from various therapeutic points, e.g. cardiology, oncology.

The combination of the potentials of the MUG, The University Clinical Centre and USC in the created infrastructure will allow the use of the potential of the unit for the purposes of commercial and non-commercial clinical research based on various sources of financing, including MRA.